Consultation about the Piece Hall – have your say!

DETAILS of the £16 million scheme to transform the Piece Hall into one of the country’s most remarkable visitor attractions have been finalised.
It is now up to Calderdale residents and businesses to get behind the proposals and help convince the Heritage Lottery Fund and others to stump up the cash to make it happen.
The last round of public consultation has begun in readiness to submit a huge funding bid in March. An exhibition showing how the historic building will be transformed has opened in the Piece Hall Art Gallery and includes views of the square which planners say will become a round-the-clock hub for town-centre activities.
If everything goes according to plan, the alterations and improvements should begin in October 2013 and the entire project completed by autumn 2015.Apart from restoring the 220-year-old structure, the biggest visual change will be to the courtyard, a large part of which will be levelled and paved and sets relaid around the edge.
As well as a fountain and outdoor seating, designers want to install play equipment in two corners, put glass doors on the shops, improve the stairs and put in an interpretation centre, so people can learn about the Piece Hall’s varied history.
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2 responses to “Consultation about the Piece Hall – have your say!

  1. I read your artical the other day about rubbish collection,you mention that the Council are considering bringing in bins for garden waste I think this a brilliant idea, there must a lot of people around that will wecom this, I am
    all for it. thanking you.
    Youe Sincerely I.M.Gledhill. [Pye Nest]

  2. Thanks for your comment – I’ve passed it on on to the waste management team – it will be nice for them to hear some positive feedback!