St Michael and Mount Pellon schools clean up the streets of Pellon

On 8 November Junior Wardens from St. Michael & All Angels School in Pellon carried another litter inspection and clean up of the Green Lane snicket near their school.

This is the second time the Junior Wardens have tackled the snicket in the last 4 weeks and good job too…. there were a lot of leaves that needed clearing up because they were slippy and dangerous.
Junior Wardens were also disappointed to see how much litter had collected in the snickets again and filled even more rubbish bags than last time.
They also noticed overhanging bushes and Ovenden Initiative and Council staff who were there on the day have arranged for these to be cut back and tidied up.

Now, to encourage people not to drop litter, Junior Wardens plan to design posters to highlight the problem. Cllr Stephen Baines will judge the posters on the 24 November and the best ones will be displayed in the snicket.

Meanwhile, Mount Pellon Junior and Infant School Junior Wardens, Ovenden Initiative, Community Wardens and staff from the Council’s Safer Cleaner Green Team came together on 15 November to  clean up local streets in the area surrounding the school. Children and adults took part in litter picking and the children were asked to mark out of 10 how dirty they thought the streets were with 1 being dirtiest and 10 being very clean.

Scores started out at a disappointing 3 out of 10 for litter and detritus but after a productive day in the sunshine and a total of 4 bags of rubbish collected, Junior Wardens were pleased to award 9 out of 10! Even better, some even asked where they could buy some litter pickers from….. now then, that’s commitment.

These articles originally appeared on the Halifax North and East blog – click here to see the article with pictures!

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