Council consultations – all in once place

Did you know that Calderdale Council has a page on its website where you can find all of its current consultations? From libraries to speed limits, service cuts to the Piece Hall, your views are sought to help make decisions about what happens in Calderdale.

You can find a list of consultations by visiting – use the menu on the left to find and click ‘Council and democracy’, then choose the ‘Consultations’ option from the new menu.

…or click this link!


Council budget consultation



One consultation which is going to affect everyone in Calderdale concerns the council’s budget. Here’s the information from the council website:

To make difficult decisions to achieve our savings for the next 3 years, we will:


  • need to change the way we provide some services
  • respond to population changes, for example more people needing care in later life and more children requiring intensive support
  • have to charge more to maintain some services
  • have to stop doing some things
  • consider how our decisions can support jobs and economic growth
  • identify how our decisions affect our communities.


Let us know what you think


Should we:


  • Maintain our approach to putting the needs of the most vulnerable people first
  • For some services increase charges for people who use them
  • Widen the role of local community groups and volunteers in running services
  • Stop providing some services.

Click here to complete the survey and stand up for the services you believe in.


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