Exciting news from Southowram Over 50 Activity Group (SOFA)

SOFA have now got their own web site. The site gives you details of what activities the group have going on as well as other things in the Southowram area click here to visit SOFA


2 responses to “Exciting news from Southowram Over 50 Activity Group (SOFA)

  1. Brilliant that SOFA now have own website. Unfortunately I work with a number of people who are interested in the activities you offer but do not have access/are unable to use the internet and there is no mention of other ways to contact you.

  2. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for your message – it’s great that people you’re working with are interested in activities! SOFA don’t yet have a public phone number, but anyone wanting information can contact our team directly on 01422 393794, or of course you can pass the information on to them.
    We will contact you directly with the latest programme which you can give to the people you work with.