Do you work with people over 50?

If your organisation or service works with people over 50 and you’d like to refer them to the wide range of activities and events offered by Neighbourhood Schemes groups, there are now two ways you can do this.

1. Put them directly in touch with their local group. Find out what activities are running where on the What’s on page, or find groups’ contact details on Your local group. If you’re not sure what’s right for them, give us a ring for a chat on 01422 393794.

2. Make a referral to the Neighbourhood Schemes team using our new online referral form, here. This is particularly appropriate if you wish to refer someone who is vulnerable, has additional needs or could do with some extra support to get them along to a group. When we receive the referral, we’ll contact them (or an appropriate contact such as a carer or relative) to tell them more about what’s available.

Neighbourhood Schemes are friendly, accessible, varied and popular. They provide people over 50 with a link into their community, social engagement, healthy activities and more. For many people they simply offer ‘something nice to do’ – a service which shouldn’t be underestimated.  

Having established a number of groups in different areas of Calderdale, we are now keen to reach more isolated and vulnerable people by developing more referrals both into Neighbourhood Schemes groups and on to other useful services.  So if you think we can work together to improve the lives of Calderdale’s harder-to-reach over 50s, please do get in touch.

Phone Paul, Beth, Tricia or Richard on 01422 393794 or email:


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