Halifax hosts Sing-a-long Grease this June…

Halifax Central Initiative

Grease screensaver The Victoria Theatre, Halifax will host Sing-a-long-a Grease, when the unique, interactive show rolls into town as part of a nationwide UK tour, and this time there’s a matinee and an evening show!

Starting the tour in 2012 during the 40th anniversary year of the original stage version of Grease, we are delighted to start another year of fun in 2014!

You’d better shape up to sing along to the great movie musical, complete with on-screen lyrics and the chance to become a T-Bird or Pink Lady for the night and enter the world famous fancy dress competition.

It’s the one that you want, says its producer Ben Freedman, who previously brought us Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music and Sing-a-long-a Abba. “Sing-a-long-a Grease is the show that audiences have been asking for since we first presented a singalong show back in 1999”
Now, at last, Summer Lovin’, Grease Lightning and the…

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