A stronger North Halifax launches Staying Well

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‘Together we are stronger’…  A strapline well suited as 55 local residents and representatives of various community organisations in North Halifax got together to launch a new project aimed at tackling loneliness and social isolation in older people.

Amongst those attending the session at Threeways on Thursday were representative from local activity groups, community organisations, churches, health, council, fire and housing services, and sports clubs.


Lonely individuals are more likely to visit their GP, have higher use of medication, are more likely to need long term care and are at a higher risk of high blood pressure, depression and falls.

The Staying Well project is all about improving the health and wellbeing of our communities, reducing demand on GP practices and hospitals, and will see older people connected to services and activities close to home.

“The statistics about older people and loneliness can be frightening but we also know that…

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