Do you work with people over 50?

Click here if you would like to refer someone to Neighbourhood Schemes.

We are proud of the relationships we build with other groups, organisations and service providers to achieve our common aims of improving the health and wellbeing of people over 50 throughout Calderdale.

The Neighbourhood Schemes team do a lot of signposting people on to relevant local services which can help them. If you work with people over 50 and think we may be able to help each other, please get in contact.

Examples of ways we could work together include:

  • We could pass on information about your services and promote your activities
  • We could work together on events, activities or trips
  • We can provide a suitable ‘next step’ for many people who have undergone physiotherapy, health procedures, counselling and so on.
  • You could come and speak about your organisation, or we could come to yours and speak about Neighbourhood Schemes

Contact the team at if you would like to talk about working together with Neighbourhood Schemes.

We look forward to hearing from you.